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I AM imagining a generation of Lightworkers who are climbing Mt. Love.

  • I AM envisioning a generation that lights up the Internet with so much Love that the darkness has no place to hide.


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I AM MORE determined and committed than ever before, I have unshakable faith in my destiny, and I declare I will keep going to the best of my abilities. I will be gentle with myself if I am tired. I hereby double my commitment to meditation and these processes.

  • Honestly I don't know. I'm stuck here. I've done a lot of "I now realize" and it's been things like I can use this situation to cleanse myself, to grow, to become stronger, more determined. More accepting. More empowered. But I still feel anxious this morning. I pray for my heart to crack open, for tears of release, for catharsis.

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  • I AM My body is weak physical health seems to more

I AM SO looking forward now to meditating at night even when i don't feel well, even when i'm tired, even when i'm in pain... i am so looking forward to being living proof of Messner's philosophy, that "I can only hope to succeed if my powers of concentration, my commitment and my knowledge kept expanding. Only if a climber keeps forcing himself to train, if he lets himself be driven by his own fanaticism to the outposts of his potential, can these limits be moved. Only thus is the climber capable of dismantling the inner barriers.”

  • i now realize that from this moment forward i can no longer wait for perfection, that regardless of what else is happening around me, meditation 3x is a mandatory minimum. and preferably 5x. it's time. i'm ready. as i meditate in imperfection i will also increase my capacity for action, without adding stress, and still while in a state of acceptance. it's just a simple breakthrough of one lingering habit, not being accustomed to meditating when i don't feel like it...

  • 5 Steps in Courage

  • I AM having trouble meditating when i don't feel well more

I AM MORE determined and committed than ever before, I have unshakable faith in my destiny, and I declare: the time has come for my own cell to awaken, an empowered cell that has identified its growth path and liberation, and knows the path, is on the path, and is mastering this path right now, and in the days and weeks ahead shall be reporting back about VICTORY AFTER VICTORY.

  • I now realize that soon I have the capacity —soon is both now and later — to cross a threshold whereby no matter what circumstances are thrown at me, I come almost instantly back to awareness, and then sit to meditate as my "first response." I now realize more clearly than ever before how exactly these mindless moments manifest themselves, and what they look like. It is abundantly clear the power of habit, and the rewards that are waiting as meditation becomes a stronger and stronger habit. Habits are amazing.

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  • I AM In moments of surprise or unexpected i seem more

I AM GETTING better and better at making decisions on my feet. i am learning to be comfortable with the decision making process in face of uncertainty. i am learning to smile at uncertainty. i am learning to embrace and love and accept myself if in hindsight maybe a decision could have gone another way. i'm learning what it means to "make a decision and make it right."

  • i now realize that i can do it. i can meditate when i'm tired. i can leave the ipad downstairs when i go to the bedroom. i can stay in faith when i'm doing my cw course.

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  • I AM making many decisions rapidly not rushed just moving more

I PLEDGE TO remember these moments of generosity, opportunities to be generous, to overcome any shyness I might have about offering my help, wherever and whenever I am able.

  • I now realize that each moment is unique and special, and an opportunity to Love and be Loved. I am only on this earth once, and any chance I get, I double down my commitment to do something nice. More than just words, if it's food, or giving someone a ride, or listening to them, or helping out with something, this is in my heart to do now more than ever.

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  • I AM Wanted to offer G C some food for more

I AM MORE determined and committed than ever before, I have unshakable faith in my destiny, and I declare that I shall eat in moderation, nourish my body, meditate regardless of how I feel, and bring present constantly my divine destiny, my yearning to climb Mt. Love and to finish the network that will help us do so.

  • I now realize so many things about what drove me in the past, and what blocked higher consciousness, and what caused tzaurus. I'm realizing more and more what consciousness is. I still yearn for that Love of God that knows no limits.

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  • I AM I seem able only to work at half more

I WILL CAREFULLY consider which emails are meant to be taken seriously and which ones I should ignore. I will be more selfish rather than selfless at work. I will still love though, because love and compassion are who I am.

  • I now realize that it is definitely time for me to leave my school and all the problems that are there. I have to accept that I don't have control of this class and that is okay, only one teacher in the building really does, other than my principal.

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  • I AM I work in a toxic chaotic environment with more

I AM MORE determined and committed than ever before, I have unshakable faith in my destiny, and I declare that I will do my Destiny Exercise before every meal.

  • Before every meal I shall now affirm: "This food is here for my nourishment to climb Mt. Love. If I eat too much of it, or too little of it, I won't be able to climb the Mt. Part of my Destiny path is to eat the right amount of food, at the right time, in the right way. This is part of how I climb Mt. Love. I thank the Universe for granting me the grace of self discipline, to keep my eye on the prize, on standing on the summit of Mt. Love, as I eat." I shall enter into the passion of the Big Vision, the North Star of my life, allow myself to feel it and embrace it completely, before I take the first bite.

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  • I AM Overate last night and mind shut down was more

I AM MORE determined and committed than ever before to MASTER the art of avoiding trapped energy outcomes and releasing trapped energy after the situations are finished. I have a method for the former but not yet the latter. So actually now I am passionate about finding such a method, being on the lookout for one. The asanas are one, but I'm also looking for something mental / spiritual.

  • I now realize so many things. First, that I am still prone to allow resistance energy to get trapped inside of me. I have the chance here to learn how to master its release. Second, I have the opportunity to recognize a pattern and avoid the situation in the future. I can invoke an automatic policy no matter what, that whenever I feel squeezed I get up and go for a walk and maybe call someone. I also now realize maybe I have a resistance to insurance, to the idea of paying now to contain or minimize a future problem. I can embrace now the consciousness of living with extra insurance, and open myself to the possibility that this new consciousness will be welcome and transformative.

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  • I AM Was upsold yesterday at Toyota I don't like more

I AM MORE determined and committed than ever before, I have unshakable faith in my destiny, and I declare that I am tripling down on my commitment to always move forward, to practice constantly letting go, and whenever need be, to come back here, in the great gym of my soul, and do these exercises until I am cleansed.

  • I now realize that now more than ever I am invoking the Angels of Moving Forward, Always Forward, the Angels who call me through the front windshield, not the rear view mirror. I was not destined to have that domain, I was destined to awaken the new me, and toss aside the fear forever.

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  • I AM I had the chance to own copywriting expert more

I AM MORE determined and committed than ever before, I have unshakable faith in my destiny, and I declare that my compassion and Love for others comes through in an empowering way. Whether personal or work relationships, I am more determined than ever before to make them work, to work at them with passion, and faith, while standing on my own feet.

  • I now realize that there was still some wiring that needed to be cleaned out. Better now than later. I really believe I am getting ready to be a mature leader of this network, however large or small. And that the key is to stay in touch with the heart chakra, to be mindful, to recognize as quickly as possible those moments when I'm slipping out, when I'm in hypercritical mode, to take a deep breath, step back, and give the world a Mona Lisa smile.

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  • I AM Looking back at broken relationships looking ahead toward more

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