Welcome to the Eternal Sphere

I AM imagining a generation of Lightworkers who are climbing Mt. Love.

  • I AM envisioning a generation that lights up the Internet with so much Love that the darkness has no place to hide.


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We value mindfulness, intention, humor, and the indomitable spirit that leads visionaries to the mountain tops. We are seeking a team of Lightworkers, idealists like you who know the world needs solutions to our big challenges, and that those answers can only come through mindful co-creative efforts.

A new kind of social network requires a new way of interfacing with ourselves and each other. We call this network “The Sphere.” It provides a new way of honoring and awakening the spirit within you. It does this by helping you to align with the power of your intentions and to reach your true potential through a proven process of creation, repetition and support.

Our sign up process is as unique as our network and we ask that you answer each question in the spirit it is asked. We are grateful that you are taking the time to join us.

We ask that you sign your name at the end, because we believe you are more valuable than a check mark in a box.

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